Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Every runner knows that without the right kind and amount of fuel, you won’t run very far. Fuel is so important to running that untold numbers of studies have been conducted to determine the way the body responds to various foods, and to determine how much is needed. The findings of the studies: you have to have fuel!

More specifically, your running body needs fuel on a periodic basis. To get ready for a race, runners will “carb up”, not just the night before, but all week leading up to the race. The strategy is to stockpile energy for the race so that they don’t grow weak.

But you can never stockpile enough fuel to last the entirety to the race; you need it periodically. Those of us who run long distances actually put food in our pockets for the journey, knowing we will have to have the calories along the way. And when a runner hits the dreaded “wall”, it is because his body has run out of energy to metabolize.

Every runner knows that they need fuel!

The spiritual parallel is obvious: we need spiritual food for the journey! The good news is that, as our Creator, God is aware of this need and has completely provided everything. Among the “foods” that energize us for the journey are bible study, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians. These supplements keep us strong in Christ and, in turn, a strength for others (Heb. 10:23-25).

Too often when one hits the spiritual “wall”, it is a direct result of neglecting the fuel that they need. Too many times we’ve seen Christians neglect assembling with the church or stop reading their bible or stop praying (or perhaps neglect all of these) and as a result, they grow weak. And like the runner that doesn't eat, this condition is completely preventable!

So take advantage of the spiritual food that is yours to enjoy! Read, pray, worship and grow stronger, because every Christian knows that they need fuel!

Think about it.

Gotta run!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Better to Run With the Group

It Is Better to Run With a Group!

Neither schedules, nor running paces have often allowed for me to run with a partner, but when I have, the miles have flown by! Not only does the time go faster, I go faster. I remember very well the early morning runs on the dirt roads in and around Kisongo, Tanzania with my buddy Mike Reese. I almost always ran at a faster pace with him than when on my own. Neal Pollard and Bob Turner have had the same effect on me in the oxygen-deprived altitude of Denver.

The same dynamic happens on race day. There are so many like-minded people that the air is filled with excitement. You can feel it! The enthusiasm is so contagious that most runners actually have to make a conscious decision to not go out too fast when the gun sounds. Every runner loves race day!

Regardless the interest, there is always something special about sharing an activity with others who love it as much as you!

And this is why it is so important for Christians to “run with the group” as often as possible! Whether it is the regular assembly times or other specially scheduled events, we need to be with each other! It is there that we both receive and give encouragement (Heb. 10:24, 25). These are the times when we share our common interests and ambitions and enjoy the enthusiasm of our commonality.

On the other hand, when we choose to not come together, we are distancing ourselves from God and His people, which will ultimately lead to a cooling of our enthusiasm. This is precisely why God said to not do it. Anyone who stays away will eventually go away.

So let’s not miss out on any opportunity to run with the group!